Are you looking for the best phone watches for kids in your budget? Well, in today’s, video we break down the top five best phone watches for kids that are available on the market. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and I try to list them based on their price quality, durability and more to see the more information about these products.

You can check out the description below also make sure you subscribe for more videos. Okay, so let’s get started with the video [ Music ], starting at number five. We have the tick-tock three unlocked 4G LTE universal kids, SmartWatch phone, the synthetic band velcro of the tic-tock SmartWatch phone might not be the best for children with sensitive skin.

However, you can swap it with a comfortable, rubber or leather one without lowering the value of the phone in any way, all other properties, which include Wi-Fi calling GPS, tracking and voice and video calling are novel in its two-way talk mode.

You can talk to your child to be a phone or videos 800 by 480 dpi. Moreover, because the watch is compatible with most 4G LTE SIM cards, it is suitable for sending messages to like the Jace baby. Kid SmartWatch tick-tock is an ip67 rated waterproof watch.

Thus, if you have a kid who likes playing outdoor, it is an ideal gift for an upcoming birthday or celebration. Rain dust and other environmental elements do not compromise its structure. And/Or functionality over time, your boy or girl, will love wearing the watch.

Tik-Tok is a waterproof watch with a wealth of features that make it an ideal kid SmartWatch 4G reception is clear. You also get an accurate GPS tracker and voice and video calling capabilities. Moving on at number four, we have the Cara, Forna kids game, SmartWatch phone, the California, as an extraordinary kids watch that doubles as a phone it’s.

Unisex design is suitable for both girls and boys. It also has a durable, versatile design with seven inbuilt games that entertain children. Even though the watch’s display is not as large as that of standard phones.

It has a clear touchscreen interface. It also has responsive touch, controls and a side mounted USB port for loading, music or pictures. You get one gigabyte, microSD storage for digital files, the California has a sweat proof.

Rubber band that does not irritate kids. The band is adjustable to fit most kids and has a heavy-duty dual-pronged clasp metal that withstands day-to-day abuse well, thus exposed to water or sweat. You will never worry about parts rusting or its system short-circuiting.

Finally, you get a phone book for up to 10 contacts. A camera, a music player, a call recorder and a photo album Californa as a premium kids watch with entertaining puzzle, games a camera, music player and microSD storage.

It is comfortable and fitted with a large LCD screen with convenient touch controls at number 3. We have the the Momo kids SmartWatch phone. Do you have a three to 14 year old kid with an upcoming birthday? If you are considering buying a phone watch as a gift, this blue and cyan themed, the moma one is stylish and reliable, even though it lacks GPS.

The seven games on offer have made it a preferred choice for children. It also has a music system and a versatile design that supports 2g and GSM networks. However, you will source the services separately from a provider of your choice.

Finally, with this watch you child can respond to emergencies and or send distress. Sos calls to one of the two numbers in seconds SOS is easy to set up and activates in less than 5 seconds, always with the the Momo kids phone watch.

The safety of your kids will be the least of your concerns, even though it lacks GPS. You can call him or her at any time. It also has an SOS call feature for emergencies. At number 2, we have the ELLs flare GPS, children’s; watch’s; phone ELLs flare as a famous GPS watch among kids aged 4 to 15 years.

Thus, if your boy or girl has an upcoming birthday, it makes an excellent gift for several reasons. Its ergonomic design, for instance, has non-irritant straps plastic and a lightweight phase that fits comfortably on the wrists of kids.

All parts are BPA, free and therefore, kids, safe eles Flair has a feature-rich design that is beneficial to kids and parents in waise. If you have a hard time tracking the movements of your child, for instance, it is a perfect remedy.

Each model has an inbuilt GPS. Adapter that relays real-time GPS positions of its wearers to a smartphone app. Thus, once connected to the net, you can know whether your child is at school or hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Ells flare as a GPS, enabled SmartWatch with comfortable bands plastic and an SOS alarm for safety. Its HD touchscreen is large and clear. It also has touch controls, a camera and fun games for four to 15 year old, kids and finally, at number one.

We have the VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch dx2, the pink theme of the VTech Kidizoom phone watch appeals to girls. However, it is also a beneficial product to brave boys due to its versatility and quality of construction, using one of its two cameras.

For instance, kids can take pictures, videos and selfies at home. And/Or outdoors, its customizable clockface analog and digital is easy to read. While it’s, light and comfortable design as ideal for four to twelve year olds, your child can wear it to school.

Without issues, the Kidizoom from VTech is a comfortable watch phone with a camera. Dual pedometer and large HD display that kids love its splash and sweat resistant design lasts for long. You can also control how your child uses this device via the parental control setting on offer.

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