Okay, so today we’re gonna do the tutorial on the new gizmo watch, and I got this for my six-year-old daughter, because when she’s at school, if she needs something or if I forgot something – or I want to tell Her where to pick her up, I think it’s, a really really handy thing, but I would never get her a phone.

The reason I like this is because I can choose who I want her to be able to call and who is able to call this device. So if this is the home screen and if she swipes to the right, she can only call for people papa mom, dad and her grandma and um.

I’m gonna give you an example, so go ahead and click on mom. Okay. So if she texts me go ahead and click text, she go ahead and do a voice recordings really push it once hi mom. Okay, then you push send push then okay, so she can do like a little voice recording and then I just got the notification on my phone.

She can also click on click on the blue square. Okay, there’s. A bunch of text message is already written for her. I want to go home. I’m at school. Where are you I miss you? I’m hungry. What’s for dinner? Go ahead and go back to Renee missed the bus yeah there’s, those to go back just once again again: okay and then the only people that are allowed to call this phone is me and my husband and her grandparents – and I set it To silent mode during her school hours, so from 8:30 a.

m. to 3, o’clock p.m. nobody can call this phone that way she doesn’t answer it in the middle of a class or have it making noise at school. And then I haven’t got to play around with any of the games because it’s not really important to me, but it does track her steps and I can also make her a to-do list and it will give her a Reminder like time to make your bed or it’s time to do your homework, and then the other thing that I really really like about this is that I can always track and see exactly where she is so there’s, an App on my phone – and I can see her location at all times that she’s, bringing the watch, which is great not that I let her go places by herself.

But sometimes when I’m picking her up after school. I don’t know if she is meeting me sometimes I have her meet me in one location. Sometimes I ever go to the carpool line, so I can just always see where she is and it makes me feel comfortable and I love it.

She can get a hold of me so that’s, the basic rundown. This is the strap it clicks in here and it clicked right here under there and then it also has a little snap right here, pretty comfortable. I know it’s big, but it’s, cool that she can do see right, charlie.

It’s, not

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