Hey everybody welcome to tech with Brett, where we help tech work for you today I have a special guest here. This is Adele and we are going to be reviewing the Fitbit ace. So this is an activity tracker made for kids, 6 plus so Adele.

Why don & # 39? T you tell everyone what the activity tracker can do. Ok, so it tracks activity it’s, swim proof up to 5 days battery life track, sleep goal, celebrations and badges. This is a pink version and it also comes in blue.

So how do you know if this is going to fit you Adele, because on the side it has this thing, so you put your wrist right here and see if it fits and mine fits, and it has to reach all the way up to this check mark.

So that’s about two and three eighths inch or it is about 45 millimeters. Alright, so let’s, get it unboxed, let the fun begin. So there you go don’t, pull it out of there. Also inside the box here it is, we have the charger, so this will just magnetized right there to the bottom and we plug this into a USB power brick to be able to charge it up so over here on the right side, you have the power button And that is about all the buttons that are on the device, so let’s turn it on to get a set up.

Oh, it looks like it’s on the left side. So now it’s, saying we need to go to Fitbit, calm /set up here hold this Adele or we can actually go right on the phone and we’re going to go into the Fitbit application.

We’re, going to select the menu up here and then we have a my family account, so we can set up a spur kids. I’m, going to select plus we could add other guardians, invite members or create a child account.

So here we’re, going to enter our Fitbit password to be able to get into the account all right. Now it’s going to say your child’s. Privacy is important to us. We want to be transparent about what data we collect, so here it’s, telling us some information, so you can go and read through that.

Once your child’s, device is set up. It will collect information about your child’s activity like their steps, take in sleep and active minutes. I’ve heard that kids should be like outside for four hours a day.

Do you think you’re outside for four hours a day, so this will help us make sure that we are doing that so there’s a lot of other info there. Here we’re gonna select agree, and we’re, going to add your name right there, and what should your username be? Username is like uh, Dells world or another nickname.

Let’s. Just go with Adele’s world, and we’re gonna choose. Adele is a girl, yeah and her birthday information, and how tall are you? Oh user names cannot have spaces or punctuation. Now that we have the account created, we need to pair with the device we’re gonna select pair with device.

Will your child use this mobile device with their ace? You can only pair a tracker to a single phone or tablet at a time, so mine will be the main phone that your watch connects to every day, all right so here it is already showing your view.

So here we can track exercise. We can log Fuji. We’d, we can log how much water you have. We can add friends, we can scan a barcode or we could log wait there here. We can do challenges, so you can see how many days in a row you can hit your goal.

We can do a lot of fun little things here. We can see your friends and then here we can see different notifications and messages. So now let’s, go in and adjust some of the settings. So here let’s. Choose a picture for you Adele, which one do you want? Oh I scream.

Alright, oh and you can also choose your background, which background. Do you like cuz? I chose that ice cream cone. I’m, going to choose this candy candy and rainbows. Okay, let’s. Go back so here now we still need to set up a device.

So here we have the ace two for kids and then we’re, going to set up ace for Adelle connect, a stew with your child’s phone or tablet for best experience. Since you don’t have a phone. We’re going to use mine ace two can sync its data to only one phone or tablet.

If this is the phone or tablet, you want the ace two to sync with. Please continue so we’re here, going to set up the device, let the device charge throughout the setup process, connect the device to the charger cable and make sure the gold pins are aligned.

The charger should connect snap into place, so we ready showed you how you can do that. We’re, going to select next and then here it is searching via bluetooth to find the device, so there it found it and enter the number.

That is on the tracker so that we just enter the number your ace battery is love, so we need to charge it up to do this. Alright, so just sits on that to charge just like that right now it’s, downloading an update once that installs we’ll.

Show you how to customize this, and then we’re gonna take it out for a spin alright. So it is now finished downloading the software and it’s, going to install it on the fitbit ace. To make sure you put the charger on this as soon as you pull it out of the box.

Alright, it is now finished installing the new software, so we’re gonna select continue alright, try it on it’s. The moment. Your child has been waiting for. Are you ready, mm-hmm fasten the device loosely enough to slide up and down your child’s wrist during playtime, secure the band so that it stays flat? So there we have the time and the button is on the left side.

So then you put this in write that, like that slide this over, then you slide that on okay, so we got it fit on. So you can change the band if you want to the little pebble comes out and you can replace the band or clean it.

So here you can swipe up and down to see different information, so push the button right there to turn on the screen and then swipe up and down cool. So you can see steps time. 9 out of 250 sleep all right, so you can tap the icon to open up features, click on timers right there, and then you could set a stopwatch and then hit play.

So then that’s going to keep counting. So you can either push the button to wake it up or you could shake your wrist see if you shake your wrist, will that wake it up or maybe just tilt your wrist there you go just like that: okay, go back from anywhere on the menu.

So push this and it will go back yeah. It keeps the timer going so push back push back, so it just keeps going back and then you press and hold to access. Your quick settings so hold down the button, and then we have quick settings.

So we can see battery life all right, so here under the app we do have goals, so we can set activity. So we can set 10,000 steps, 60 minutes and here our li activity goal. So we can have it remind her to be active from 9:00 a.

m. to 6:00 p.m. or we could change that here we have exercise. So the goal is to have 5 active days a week. We could even turn that up to 7 and then here we have sleep, so we can keep track of how much sleep we want her to have and we can set a nine hour goal and then we can do yeah.

We can do a bedtime reminder to help you wind down to fall asleep and we’re gonna do that Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, and then here it says, children with eczema or skin condition should talk to a doctor before wearing all right.

So we are all set, so let’s, select done, and now it is linking the ACE to to the Fitbit application. All right, you ready to try this out. Okay, you want to do a race, let’s, go [; Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ].

So we’ve, been using the Fitbit ace for more than two weeks, and we have a lot to talk about about the watch. What do you think so far? Um it’s been great, and I was surprised that it was waterproof. Oh so we had some fun in the pool and we’re gonna get more into all that we learned about it, but first we’re gonna check out the Fitbit application and show you a few quick updates and some Of the coolest things that you can do that we miss before all right, so first Fitbit recently updated the application, so it looks a lot different from when we first were using it.

So when you go now into the Fitbit app here, you can see the ACE 2 up here and the battery life and then down here we have our steps for the day and our active minutes. So if you tap on these steps here, we can see our history of how many steps Adele has been getting each and every day.

Look at this. You got seventeen thousand two hundred and seventy five steps in one day. Can you believe that it’s? Probably the day we went to the zoo, I’m walking around everywhere. Alright, so we can go back here and then we can click on the active minutes, and here we can see all the different active minutes.

The goal is to get 50 minutes a day, something we have hit quite a bit, but some days you know it’s. Just we’re, not as active. So there you go so then down here you can manually track exercise. So let’s say she went to the pool and we wanted to add that right here.

It shows that she swam for an hour and I can put in how far she went and we can also set a little log up here. So I could say swimming the start time, the duration and the distance and everything and then next down here we have the sleep tracking.

So here we can see how many hours she was getting a night one night. She wasn’t wearing it because it was charging, but we can see it about nine hours. Every night, which is pretty impressive, and then here is the coolest thing that you can do with the ACE 2 is being able to customise it a little bit more for Adele’s liking.

So if we click on the ACE here right here, we have clock faces so in here we can actually choose specific clock faces that she has there sorry now it’s, showing the time her steps taken for the day and her active minutes.

So if we look on the watch there, you can see those right there, but if we go to the all clocks, we can actually choose one of these different styles of clocks, so Adele tell us about which ones that you, like the one I picked a couple Days ago, is this one and the plant grow, and then it turned into a flower that’s, pretty cool, so that happens as you take steps throughout the day mm-hmm and when this, when, when each steps, what you do, this rocket keeps going up That’s really cool.

So there are a lot of different options: there’s, a cat, some other clock faces that you can choose. So this is how you go in and choose those. So if we tap on it and we hit select, it actually has to download it to the phone and then it will put it over on the watch.

So right now it’s installing it over on the watch, and we can see what it looks like once it finishes and there you go that’s, a pig face and the time you want to take it away. Okay, so if we want to change it, we just got to come back in here and which one do you want to choose this time? What what do you want about the flower? What to stay it? You want the flower to always be grown.

Yes, that would be some good feedback right there, but that one doesn’t. Do it. So let’s choose another one. Oh this one shows you the time and the day of the week or the day of the month. So you can see if it’s, getting close to your actual birthday, all right! Let’s! Choose that one.

Now that we’ve shown you some of the quick things that you can do in the new Fitbit application. As well as how to change the clock face on the ace Adele talk to us about how you like the watch, I like the watch because it is waterproof waterproof, so we could take it swimming.

Did you have to take it off? No nope, we swam for a long time and we had no problem. Huh mm-hmm that’s, really cool. What about the clock? Do you like having a clock on your wall, because so I know what time like, if it’s time for me to go home from school, that’s! True and now I can say, be home at 5, o’clock and do you know how to tell the time on there and also so I know I can set it time.

Oh, you can set a timer. What have you set a timer for? Oh, I set a timer for like a hour trip or something like um 1 hours and it’s, lunch time or something. Actually, I did that at our house, yeah that worked really good and then what happens when the timer goes off, um it just vibrates.

Okay, that’s cool, so clock works really well and it’s. Nice, too, you can just pop it up to see it. What how long did the battery last five days and we tested out twofold charges and each time it lasted more than five days.

I think the one day where you said hey it’s dead. I put it on the charger and it said that it still had 5 % left. Even though was really low, and so battery life was excellent. It really didn’t matter how many active minutes or steps it just always lasted that long.

So what do you think about seeing how many steps you take a day? And then you see yourselves right here. If it doesn’t show you steps right here. Do you like seeing how many steps you take a day? Yes, is it hard to get all the steps cuz like like um five times I reached my goal.

I got that 10,000 that’s, so many steps, good job, looks like we saw it your most steps with 17,000. Is it easy? Is it easy to get all your steps steps when I like jump on my trampoline or like walk a lot? So just running around running around with your friends going to the zoo going to the park and it’s, pretty much the best way to get steps.

What are the active minutes? [, Music ]. So how do you get an active minute? I get off and active minutes that also helps my steps. I just run around and a lot and play with my friends, and that gives me active me.

Yeah one night we went to the park and there’s a little zipline and she was pushing people back and forth on the zipline over and over and over. And we were there for quite a while, and you got a ton of minutes and it was just playing around just having fun.

We didn’t have to do really anything else. Huh – and I also I got a lot of steps – and that is my favorite part – that our favorite part yeah – it’s, fun to just run around. So one of the things I really like is that, even though it & # 39, s focuses to get steps in active minutes.

It just really helps us see that you are active. You’re playing around you’re. Doing a lot of fun things we don & # 39. T really have to do anything extra. It’s just nice to see all of those stats in here since she’s, not using this with her own smartphone.

If there was ever any notifications like if it was a notification to go to bed, that would just show up on my phone or any other things like that, so it would be really cool if she did have her own device and she could get notifications on The watch or on her phone that would help interact with the Fitbit, but right now we don & # 39.

T really need all that and I can go into the settings and turn off the notifications there so overall, very impressed with the battery life on this. The quality, the one thing that I would like to have improved is on the watch this little flap.

Does it keep coming out? Yes, because I also figured out that you have to move it all the way to here, so it doesn’t flap everywhere. Does it fall off, though, if you go out that far yeah, so that happens all the time where it comes out and flops around on this little watch? I have there’s a little button right there, so that it locks in.

It would be really cool if something like that was implemented so that it didn’t keep falling off, so you can see it. Doesn’t slide as much just with that. Little button on there so other than that build quality was really good.

You can see it’s a little bit dirty and then, if we wanted to so then, if we want to clean it, we can just pop it out of the back right here. So it’s. Really just this little pebble and you can see the sides are a little bit dirty after all the swimming things that we’ve done so far this summer you can just wipe it off or you know slightly wash it off and then once it’s all clean.

We can place it back in here, just like that. You got to make sure the button goes on there. Sorry, just like that, gentle was my Lodge, so everything else on it worked really well. We didn’t. Have any problems with it connecting worked? Really great, you can set in the phone to have it constantly be connected or just update every so often, which I did, because we didn’t need to track it as much, because she is not always around.

My phone, so is there anything else? You’d like to say about the Fitbit ace to Adele it’s. Just it surprised me when I got this watch and I’m, really happy that my dad gave me this watch. So there you go an early birthday present, so that’s.

It for the Fitbit watch ace thanks so much Adele for helping out yep anytime right as long as you get cool watches. So if you guys have any further questions about the a Stu, let us know in the comments below and if you would like to see more Fitness, watches or other devices that you can use for.

Your kids make sure you check out the playlist over here on the side thanks so much for watching we & # 39. Ll, see you on the next one: bye

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