Reviewing the Gizmo watch for kids

Okay, so today we’re gonna do the tutorial on the new gizmo watch, and I got this for my six-year-old daughter, because when she’s at school, if she needs something or if I forgot something – or I want to tell Her where to pick her up, I think it’s, a really really handy thing, but I would never get her a phone.

The reason I like this is because I can choose who I want her to be able to call and who is able to call this device. So if this is the home screen and if she swipes to the right, she can only call for people papa mom, dad and her grandma and um.

I’m gonna give you an example, so go ahead and click on mom. Okay. So if she texts me go ahead and click text, she go ahead and do a voice recordings really push it once hi mom. Okay, then you push send push then okay, so she can do like a little voice recording and then I just got the notification on my phone.

She can also click on click on the blue square. Okay, there’s. A bunch of text message is already written for her. I want to go home. I’m at school. Where are you I miss you? I’m hungry. What’s for dinner? Go ahead and go back to Renee missed the bus yeah there’s, those to go back just once again again: okay and then the only people that are allowed to call this phone is me and my husband and her grandparents – and I set it To silent mode during her school hours, so from 8:30 a.

m. to 3, o’clock p.m. nobody can call this phone that way she doesn’t answer it in the middle of a class or have it making noise at school. And then I haven’t got to play around with any of the games because it’s not really important to me, but it does track her steps and I can also make her a to-do list and it will give her a Reminder like time to make your bed or it’s time to do your homework, and then the other thing that I really really like about this is that I can always track and see exactly where she is so there’s, an App on my phone – and I can see her location at all times that she’s, bringing the watch, which is great not that I let her go places by herself.

But sometimes when I’m picking her up after school. I don’t know if she is meeting me sometimes I have her meet me in one location. Sometimes I ever go to the carpool line, so I can just always see where she is and it makes me feel comfortable and I love it.

She can get a hold of me so that’s, the basic rundown. This is the strap it clicks in here and it clicked right here under there and then it also has a little snap right here, pretty comfortable. I know it’s big, but it’s, cool that she can do see right, charlie.

It’s, not

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5 Best Smartwatch For Kids in 2020 & Fitness, GPS, Activity Tracker Watch For Kids

The world is getting tech with more digital devices each year. One such device is a SmartWatch for kids. Smartwatches are not just for adults, but work. Just fine for kids. Getting a SmartWatch for your child is a great way to introduce him or her to the tech world of today.

In the past few years, you would only find smartwatches for adults, however, stay tuned, as always all the links about the products mentioned in this video will be in the description below. So if you want to find the best prices and more information that we might not get a chance to mention in the video be sure to check it out now let’s, get to the video 5 VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch DX.

This is a lovely blue SmartWatch with two cameras. The SmartWatch allows you to take photos, videos and selfies with ease. Besides, you can customize the watch to make a new watch face: [ Music, ], you [, Music ].

If the smartest watch for kids with the kitties in SmartWatch dx2 only from beat for Smart Watch 321 – oh you touchscreen, Bluetooth, SmartWatch. This is a sleek design, smart watch with a stainless steel wire drawing surface.

It is an ergonomic convex design watch with a precision laminating process. The watch also features a soft strap to make watch wearing comfortable. The watch also features a sync feature for seamless watch connection to bluetooth devices.

In addition, the watch features a sim card slot to allow per call making and receiving. It is an advanced SmartWatch to also send and reply messages. Three Pro Grace kids, Smart Watch with 90-degree rotatable camera.

This is another top-quality SmartWatch with a 90 degree rotating camera. It is one of the best kids smart watches suitable for children from the age of four to twelve years old. The watch comes with the wide array of features ranging from fm thought of a music player, flashlight camera, etc.

It is a decent quality watch that lets you take photos and videos besides, the camera rotates 90 degrees to capture different angle images. In addition, the watch features four built-in funny games to keep kids fund and entertaining overall.

This is a perfect toddler SmartWatch, with an audio music player and air phone plug [ Music ], two kids watch the Smart Watch phone. This is another premium quality, Smart Watch with pretty versatile features.

The watch features nine functions of calculator, alarmed came, music player, call records, etc. In addition, there are seven fun-loving built-in games to entertain and keep kids busy. Overall. This is a quality kids watch that also makes and receives calls.

It is a leading brand kids SmartWatch, with a music player, recorder and camera. You can easily take videos and photos wherever you go overall. This is a quality watch that is also easy to operate and use one SmartWatch for kids boys, girls SmartWatch.

This is a lovely and sleep design, SmartWatch with pretty decent quality features. It is a leading SmartWatch with a GPS chip. Freeze, the location tracking. This watch provides parents with a more accurate location, hence double child safety.

You can always know the real-time location of your baby. In addition, the watch features SOS emergency calls for kids. It is a great way to send emergency calls to family members within three seconds.

There is a further built-in SIM card slot to make and receive calls overall. This is by far the best gift for kids. This coming holiday, thanks for watching you can find links, price and description to these products in the description box.

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FitBit Ace 2 for Kids! Setup & Review

Hey everybody welcome to tech with Brett, where we help tech work for you today I have a special guest here. This is Adele and we are going to be reviewing the Fitbit ace. So this is an activity tracker made for kids, 6 plus so Adele.

Why don & # 39? T you tell everyone what the activity tracker can do. Ok, so it tracks activity it’s, swim proof up to 5 days battery life track, sleep goal, celebrations and badges. This is a pink version and it also comes in blue.

So how do you know if this is going to fit you Adele, because on the side it has this thing, so you put your wrist right here and see if it fits and mine fits, and it has to reach all the way up to this check mark.

So that’s about two and three eighths inch or it is about 45 millimeters. Alright, so let’s, get it unboxed, let the fun begin. So there you go don’t, pull it out of there. Also inside the box here it is, we have the charger, so this will just magnetized right there to the bottom and we plug this into a USB power brick to be able to charge it up so over here on the right side, you have the power button And that is about all the buttons that are on the device, so let’s turn it on to get a set up.

Oh, it looks like it’s on the left side. So now it’s, saying we need to go to Fitbit, calm /set up here hold this Adele or we can actually go right on the phone and we’re going to go into the Fitbit application.

We’re, going to select the menu up here and then we have a my family account, so we can set up a spur kids. I’m, going to select plus we could add other guardians, invite members or create a child account.

So here we’re, going to enter our Fitbit password to be able to get into the account all right. Now it’s going to say your child’s. Privacy is important to us. We want to be transparent about what data we collect, so here it’s, telling us some information, so you can go and read through that.

Once your child’s, device is set up. It will collect information about your child’s activity like their steps, take in sleep and active minutes. I’ve heard that kids should be like outside for four hours a day.

Do you think you’re outside for four hours a day, so this will help us make sure that we are doing that so there’s a lot of other info there. Here we’re gonna select agree, and we’re, going to add your name right there, and what should your username be? Username is like uh, Dells world or another nickname.

Let’s. Just go with Adele’s world, and we’re gonna choose. Adele is a girl, yeah and her birthday information, and how tall are you? Oh user names cannot have spaces or punctuation. Now that we have the account created, we need to pair with the device we’re gonna select pair with device.

Will your child use this mobile device with their ace? You can only pair a tracker to a single phone or tablet at a time, so mine will be the main phone that your watch connects to every day, all right so here it is already showing your view.

So here we can track exercise. We can log Fuji. We’d, we can log how much water you have. We can add friends, we can scan a barcode or we could log wait there here. We can do challenges, so you can see how many days in a row you can hit your goal.

We can do a lot of fun little things here. We can see your friends and then here we can see different notifications and messages. So now let’s, go in and adjust some of the settings. So here let’s. Choose a picture for you Adele, which one do you want? Oh I scream.

Alright, oh and you can also choose your background, which background. Do you like cuz? I chose that ice cream cone. I’m, going to choose this candy candy and rainbows. Okay, let’s. Go back so here now we still need to set up a device.

So here we have the ace two for kids and then we’re, going to set up ace for Adelle connect, a stew with your child’s phone or tablet for best experience. Since you don’t have a phone. We’re going to use mine ace two can sync its data to only one phone or tablet.

If this is the phone or tablet, you want the ace two to sync with. Please continue so we’re here, going to set up the device, let the device charge throughout the setup process, connect the device to the charger cable and make sure the gold pins are aligned.

The charger should connect snap into place, so we ready showed you how you can do that. We’re, going to select next and then here it is searching via bluetooth to find the device, so there it found it and enter the number.

That is on the tracker so that we just enter the number your ace battery is love, so we need to charge it up to do this. Alright, so just sits on that to charge just like that right now it’s, downloading an update once that installs we’ll.

Show you how to customize this, and then we’re gonna take it out for a spin alright. So it is now finished downloading the software and it’s, going to install it on the fitbit ace. To make sure you put the charger on this as soon as you pull it out of the box.

Alright, it is now finished installing the new software, so we’re gonna select continue alright, try it on it’s. The moment. Your child has been waiting for. Are you ready, mm-hmm fasten the device loosely enough to slide up and down your child’s wrist during playtime, secure the band so that it stays flat? So there we have the time and the button is on the left side.

So then you put this in write that, like that slide this over, then you slide that on okay, so we got it fit on. So you can change the band if you want to the little pebble comes out and you can replace the band or clean it.

So here you can swipe up and down to see different information, so push the button right there to turn on the screen and then swipe up and down cool. So you can see steps time. 9 out of 250 sleep all right, so you can tap the icon to open up features, click on timers right there, and then you could set a stopwatch and then hit play.

So then that’s going to keep counting. So you can either push the button to wake it up or you could shake your wrist see if you shake your wrist, will that wake it up or maybe just tilt your wrist there you go just like that: okay, go back from anywhere on the menu.

So push this and it will go back yeah. It keeps the timer going so push back push back, so it just keeps going back and then you press and hold to access. Your quick settings so hold down the button, and then we have quick settings.

So we can see battery life all right, so here under the app we do have goals, so we can set activity. So we can set 10,000 steps, 60 minutes and here our li activity goal. So we can have it remind her to be active from 9:00 a.

m. to 6:00 p.m. or we could change that here we have exercise. So the goal is to have 5 active days a week. We could even turn that up to 7 and then here we have sleep, so we can keep track of how much sleep we want her to have and we can set a nine hour goal and then we can do yeah.

We can do a bedtime reminder to help you wind down to fall asleep and we’re gonna do that Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, and then here it says, children with eczema or skin condition should talk to a doctor before wearing all right.

So we are all set, so let’s, select done, and now it is linking the ACE to to the Fitbit application. All right, you ready to try this out. Okay, you want to do a race, let’s, go [; Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ].

So we’ve, been using the Fitbit ace for more than two weeks, and we have a lot to talk about about the watch. What do you think so far? Um it’s been great, and I was surprised that it was waterproof. Oh so we had some fun in the pool and we’re gonna get more into all that we learned about it, but first we’re gonna check out the Fitbit application and show you a few quick updates and some Of the coolest things that you can do that we miss before all right, so first Fitbit recently updated the application, so it looks a lot different from when we first were using it.

So when you go now into the Fitbit app here, you can see the ACE 2 up here and the battery life and then down here we have our steps for the day and our active minutes. So if you tap on these steps here, we can see our history of how many steps Adele has been getting each and every day.

Look at this. You got seventeen thousand two hundred and seventy five steps in one day. Can you believe that it’s? Probably the day we went to the zoo, I’m walking around everywhere. Alright, so we can go back here and then we can click on the active minutes, and here we can see all the different active minutes.

The goal is to get 50 minutes a day, something we have hit quite a bit, but some days you know it’s. Just we’re, not as active. So there you go so then down here you can manually track exercise. So let’s say she went to the pool and we wanted to add that right here.

It shows that she swam for an hour and I can put in how far she went and we can also set a little log up here. So I could say swimming the start time, the duration and the distance and everything and then next down here we have the sleep tracking.

So here we can see how many hours she was getting a night one night. She wasn’t wearing it because it was charging, but we can see it about nine hours. Every night, which is pretty impressive, and then here is the coolest thing that you can do with the ACE 2 is being able to customise it a little bit more for Adele’s liking.

So if we click on the ACE here right here, we have clock faces so in here we can actually choose specific clock faces that she has there sorry now it’s, showing the time her steps taken for the day and her active minutes.

So if we look on the watch there, you can see those right there, but if we go to the all clocks, we can actually choose one of these different styles of clocks, so Adele tell us about which ones that you, like the one I picked a couple Days ago, is this one and the plant grow, and then it turned into a flower that’s, pretty cool, so that happens as you take steps throughout the day mm-hmm and when this, when, when each steps, what you do, this rocket keeps going up That’s really cool.

So there are a lot of different options: there’s, a cat, some other clock faces that you can choose. So this is how you go in and choose those. So if we tap on it and we hit select, it actually has to download it to the phone and then it will put it over on the watch.

So right now it’s installing it over on the watch, and we can see what it looks like once it finishes and there you go that’s, a pig face and the time you want to take it away. Okay, so if we want to change it, we just got to come back in here and which one do you want to choose this time? What what do you want about the flower? What to stay it? You want the flower to always be grown.

Yes, that would be some good feedback right there, but that one doesn’t. Do it. So let’s choose another one. Oh this one shows you the time and the day of the week or the day of the month. So you can see if it’s, getting close to your actual birthday, all right! Let’s! Choose that one.

Now that we’ve shown you some of the quick things that you can do in the new Fitbit application. As well as how to change the clock face on the ace Adele talk to us about how you like the watch, I like the watch because it is waterproof waterproof, so we could take it swimming.

Did you have to take it off? No nope, we swam for a long time and we had no problem. Huh mm-hmm that’s, really cool. What about the clock? Do you like having a clock on your wall, because so I know what time like, if it’s time for me to go home from school, that’s! True and now I can say, be home at 5, o’clock and do you know how to tell the time on there and also so I know I can set it time.

Oh, you can set a timer. What have you set a timer for? Oh, I set a timer for like a hour trip or something like um 1 hours and it’s, lunch time or something. Actually, I did that at our house, yeah that worked really good and then what happens when the timer goes off, um it just vibrates.

Okay, that’s cool, so clock works really well and it’s. Nice, too, you can just pop it up to see it. What how long did the battery last five days and we tested out twofold charges and each time it lasted more than five days.

I think the one day where you said hey it’s dead. I put it on the charger and it said that it still had 5 % left. Even though was really low, and so battery life was excellent. It really didn’t matter how many active minutes or steps it just always lasted that long.

So what do you think about seeing how many steps you take a day? And then you see yourselves right here. If it doesn’t show you steps right here. Do you like seeing how many steps you take a day? Yes, is it hard to get all the steps cuz like like um five times I reached my goal.

I got that 10,000 that’s, so many steps, good job, looks like we saw it your most steps with 17,000. Is it easy? Is it easy to get all your steps steps when I like jump on my trampoline or like walk a lot? So just running around running around with your friends going to the zoo going to the park and it’s, pretty much the best way to get steps.

What are the active minutes? [, Music ]. So how do you get an active minute? I get off and active minutes that also helps my steps. I just run around and a lot and play with my friends, and that gives me active me.

Yeah one night we went to the park and there’s a little zipline and she was pushing people back and forth on the zipline over and over and over. And we were there for quite a while, and you got a ton of minutes and it was just playing around just having fun.

We didn’t have to do really anything else. Huh – and I also I got a lot of steps – and that is my favorite part – that our favorite part yeah – it’s, fun to just run around. So one of the things I really like is that, even though it & # 39, s focuses to get steps in active minutes.

It just really helps us see that you are active. You’re playing around you’re. Doing a lot of fun things we don & # 39. T really have to do anything extra. It’s just nice to see all of those stats in here since she’s, not using this with her own smartphone.

If there was ever any notifications like if it was a notification to go to bed, that would just show up on my phone or any other things like that, so it would be really cool if she did have her own device and she could get notifications on The watch or on her phone that would help interact with the Fitbit, but right now we don & # 39.

T really need all that and I can go into the settings and turn off the notifications there so overall, very impressed with the battery life on this. The quality, the one thing that I would like to have improved is on the watch this little flap.

Does it keep coming out? Yes, because I also figured out that you have to move it all the way to here, so it doesn’t flap everywhere. Does it fall off, though, if you go out that far yeah, so that happens all the time where it comes out and flops around on this little watch? I have there’s a little button right there, so that it locks in.

It would be really cool if something like that was implemented so that it didn’t keep falling off, so you can see it. Doesn’t slide as much just with that. Little button on there so other than that build quality was really good.

You can see it’s a little bit dirty and then, if we wanted to so then, if we want to clean it, we can just pop it out of the back right here. So it’s. Really just this little pebble and you can see the sides are a little bit dirty after all the swimming things that we’ve done so far this summer you can just wipe it off or you know slightly wash it off and then once it’s all clean.

We can place it back in here, just like that. You got to make sure the button goes on there. Sorry, just like that, gentle was my Lodge, so everything else on it worked really well. We didn’t. Have any problems with it connecting worked? Really great, you can set in the phone to have it constantly be connected or just update every so often, which I did, because we didn’t need to track it as much, because she is not always around.

My phone, so is there anything else? You’d like to say about the Fitbit ace to Adele it’s. Just it surprised me when I got this watch and I’m, really happy that my dad gave me this watch. So there you go an early birthday present, so that’s.

It for the Fitbit watch ace thanks so much Adele for helping out yep anytime right as long as you get cool watches. So if you guys have any further questions about the a Stu, let us know in the comments below and if you would like to see more Fitness, watches or other devices that you can use for.

Your kids make sure you check out the playlist over here on the side thanks so much for watching we & # 39. Ll, see you on the next one: bye

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Amazfit GTS review. Worth it over Amazfit Bip? In-depth | Test heart rate & GPS running & cycling

Hi I’m, get on from technology. Man, calm, the amazed fit GTS SmartWatch has a high-resolution ammo, LED always-on, display heart rate and sleep monitoring and built-in GPS tracking with 12 activity types all contained in a thin 50 meter, waterproof aluminium body with up to 14 days of battery life for around 110 pounds.

140 dollars it sounds good value, but it’s considerably more expensive than the still popular amaze Fitbit. I reviewed a while back and it’s not far off the price of comparable offerings from big names like Garmin.

So let’s find out. If it’s any good in the box. You get the watch itself with a strap already installed: proprietary magnetic charging, cable and an instruction manual. It’s, difficult, not to compare its design to the Apple watch.

It looks very similar with a basic central button on the side rather than the off-center Apple watch. Digital crown, it’s, well-made with a Gorilla Glass touchscreen, an aluminum surround, and what feels like a hard plastic bottom housing, the heart rate sensor, the included black strap, is made from relatively thin silicon.

With a standard buckle, you can get replacement 20 millimeter, straps, fairly cheaply off Amazon or Ebay. Changing the strap is straightforward and toll free. You just use your fingernail to release the catch.

The watch is a little thicker and heavier than the bit at 11 millimeters, including the heart rate, monitor bump and weighs 39 grams with a strap, but it’s. Still, my Turin thinner than an Apple watch series 4.

It’s worth noting that there are two versions of the amaze 50 TS. I have the international version that doesn’t have NFC for contactless payments there’s. Also, a Chinese version that does you’ll need to download the accompany amaze fit app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

The instruction manual has a QR code. You can scan to take you straight to the apps download page, and this gave a page not found which wasn’t a great start after manually downloading and launching the Amaze fit watch app.

You’ll, be prompted to sign in turning the watch on for the first time with the side button prompted a factory reset, which seemed a little strange after the reset. You’re, ready to pair the app with the watch, tap the plus icon and choose the Amaze fit GTS from the watch’s.

Submenu hold the phone over the watch’s QR code and accept the pairing request. Let the app download any updates to the watch which takes about five minutes charging. The two hundred twenty milliamp hour, lithium-ion polymer battery, takes around two hours from flat.

The charging cable has a magnetic receptacle that will only snap into place one way around. Most of the configuration for the watch is done through the Amaze fit app tap on the profile tab and then a maize fit GTS.

Under my devices you’ll, see the current charge status. I quite like the default watch face. You have a wide range of watch faces to change it to just tap on the watch face you like and let it sink across.

You can turn on incoming call alerts which will display the name of any known contact. If you also have that setting turned on you can’t answer phone calls, you can only reject know if you’re busy, but it’s still useful.

Seeing who’s, calling you you can set alarms? The watch will vibrate. When the alarm goes off under app alerts. You can control what notifications you’ll get. I have whatsapp turned on for some reason.

You’ll need to go into more incoming SMS. To turn on notifications for SMS messages you can’t respond to any messages. Find watch will vibrate your watch if it’s in Bluetooth range activity, heart rate sharing well at compatible devices use the watch’s.

Heart rate monitor as an external sensor, for example, if you wanted to run with the eye smooth run app on your phone, you can search for external sensors and tap on the Amaze fit GTS. You will need to start an activity on the watch for the heart rate to get updated.

You also need to confirm which wrist you have your watch on and you can configure when lift the wrist of you info is active. If you’re going to wear the watch for sleep tracking, our changes to daytime hours, only heart rate detection method can be set to automatic heart detection and sleep assistant, the most accurate, continuous heart rate monitoring 24 hours a day at the expense of Battery life, I leave the detection frequency at a minute and turn activity detection on display settings.

Lets you choose your watch pages. You can rearrange their order and hide pages. You don’t want to see the vibration setting lets you configure custom vibration alerts. You can set for vary notifications, tap on the plus button and then tap the watch icon to define your own alert.

It’s, also where you can configure your location for the weather forecast. If we go back, you can also set your steps. Gold, under my goals, activity, gold and under accounts – you can connect as strauber.

So theoretically, you can sync your activities across. However, although I could be easily connect, my strawberry account. The app instantly forgot, the setting, which meant this feature. Didn’t work.

I did contact support, but two weeks on, they’re, still, no fix [ Music ], the Alma LED display protected by Gorilla Glass is by far the most impressive feature of the watch. Its 341 PPI screen looks as sharp and clear is that of an Apple watch series for costumer three times a price.

It has an anti fingerprint coating and feels very smooth to the touch depending on your watch face. It can look like the display extends all the way to the soft, rounded edges of the screen. There is in fact an approximately 4 millimeter bezel the screen measures 40 millimeters by 35 millimeters, with the display occupying roughly 33 millimeters by 26 millimeters long pressing the screen X.

You quickly change watch faces. You can tap on the Edit icon to configure a watch face. You can customize the various modules by tapping on them and scrolling through the available options. These can display live info like heart rate or steps, or they can just be shortcuts to some of the watch’s.

Functions like music that I’ll cover shortly. Different watch faces have different widgets. That can be customized, but it is impressive. The amount of customization that’s, available swiping, left and right switches between steps and heart rate.

The side button will always take you back to the home page. So I pinned down from the home page confirms pairing to your smart phone and battery remaining in the top left in a very small font. The central icons turned touch mode on/off, which is just a white screen, and controls do not disturb mode.

The auto brightness setting and screen lock swipe up or press the side button to return to the home page swiping up from the home page. You can access the various screens. You chose early and display settings.

These will vary depending on what you have configured. I’ll cover some of the interesting ones. Swiping right goes back in settings. You can choose your wattage basis from the ones that come with the watch or any use things across from the app you can configure the screen timeout under screen, auto off press and hold configures or to long press to the side button activates by default.

It starts a workout. You can change this here to your preferred function, raising your wrist or tapping the screen activates the screen by default. It’s. Blank when not woken up. You can turn always-on display to have the time displayed throughout the day.

Make sure you have the latest firmware to see this feature, this will reduce battery life, but it’s. A feature only introduced the Apple watch in its current series, 5 version music will let you control anything playing on your phone or through any Bluetooth.

Headphones connected to your phone, music and podcast can be controlled off my iPhone. You can pause and play music skip tracks and adjust the volume which is all very convenient. If you use this a lot, it might be useful to set a long press.

The sign button. Take you straight to this page, or at least have a shortcut configured on your watch face. Unfortunately, doesn’t work with a YouTube app, but it worked with most other apps. I tried, including Spotify and Amazon music and the native music and podcast apps on iOS notification splash up on the screen, but to access them.

After that you need to go to the notifications page. You can swipe left at delete a notification or scroll down to the bottom to delete them all under more. There’s, a compass and you can scroll down for an air pressure gauge and an altimeter there’s.

Also a stopwatch and a countdown timer, the latest firmware update, brought a new PA or personal activity. Intelligence function. Basically, one number that indicates your activity level based on heart rate, rather than steps you’re meant to strive for 100 Pai points on a day.

I haven’t yet uses enough to determine if it provides valuable data or not. You can’t access, sleep stats from the watch. You need to use the accompany app. I’ll cover workouts and activities and sleep shortly.

You can press the sign button to return to the home screen or swipe bright. The amazed Fitbit seems to last forever between charges, but I wasn’t sure how the GTS would fare with a significantly upgraded screen, a masive.

It quote 14 days of daily use with heart rate and sleep monitoring on and 3 30-minute GPS workouts a week. It’s hard to explicitly test this, since it depends so much on how you use your watch. I’ve. Had everything on it, including the always-on display, I’ve, worn it 24 hours a day for sleep monitoring, I’ve done long.

Bike rides and runs with GPS on. I’ve only charged it a couple of times in the last two weeks and it wasn’t even empty. When I did, that is to say, battery life is still very good. I’m, not sure it’s quite two weeks.

It’s, not as long as they’re almost one month, the vmas fitbit, but it’s considerably more than most smartwatches. I’ve tried. I need to charge my Apple watch almost every day. The Amaze fit GTS makes a pretty good watch.

If you’re interested in sleep monitoring, it’s lightweight, so it isn’t too noticeable in a wrist at night, and all you need to do is wear the watch to bed. It will automatically determine when you go to sleep and one wonder how well you slept it’s best to turn on sleep assistant for more accurate results and a heartrate detection method and the Amaze fit app has already discussed.

I measured my sleep with my Apple watch series for buy the auto sleep app since there’s, no native sleep, app, the sleep cycle app on my iPhone rested on my bedside table and the amazed fit GTS results varied, but were generally in line With each other, I haven’t, found any sleep monitoring solutions that reliably measure a wait time for me at least, and I don’t, put an awful lot of trust into how these apps are term enlightened, deep sleep and whether it Read matters anyway, but they’re handy for checking how much sleep you got and the amazed fit.

Gts is a good solution for sleep tracking. If that’s, something you’re after in a SmartWatch, the bit was a competent SmartWatch with great battery life, but it wasn’t a great GPS watch. There are only a few activities.

You could track heart rate monitoring, wasn’t, particularly accurate and most annoyingly. It was difficult to exporting your activities to platforms like Strava. The GTS offers 12 activity types that you can choose from, including swimming now.

The watch is fully waterproof by default. To start a workout, you long press the side button depending on your activity type you’ll, get varying pages that you can scroll through during the activity. The time is still displayed in a small font in the top right.

You can’t access, any other functions of the watch, while the activity is in progress. So, for example, you can’t control your music. During the run, you long press the side button to end the workout.

I was encouraged to see. Strauber syncing is now available in the Amaze fit app. As I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t, get this to work on iOS at least I had to turn to the third-party amazed tools, app, which does support syncing, Stryver and exporting in various file formats, but sometimes activities don’t sync across From the watch this app there’s, still a frustrating experience actually getting activities off the watch I tested out the built-in heart rate monitor against the reliable wear who ticker X, external heart rate, struck paired to my Apple watch series for for running my Garmin Edge 1000 for cycling.

I use a DC Rainmaker analysis tool to compare the results for running. It took almost 20 minutes for the watch to start capturing meaningful data. It did then follow the general trend of the external heart rate strap.

Although there’s, still a lot of random variations and spikes and it’s, not capturing the heart rate, every second, like the chest, strap it did a worse job of capturing a mountain bike ride. There are periods of the ride where the watch and heart rate strap tracked for a bit.

They were few and far between results from risk-based heart rate. Monitors do vary with different people, so you may have better results. I always made sure the strap was a tight fit on my wrist. I even purchased a velcro strap from the GTS for an even better fit, which did improve accuracy a little.

But overall I’d, have trouble recommending this watch if accurate, a heart rate data is important to you and unfortunately, unlike some models, animées fits range like the Stratos three and verge you can’t just pair an external heart rate, strap If you do want reliable data, it’s worth pointing out in the Apple watch, which is far more ease, pensive and is meant to have one of the best.

Risk-Based heart rate monitors available. Often isn’t, perfect itself. Continuous heart rate monitoring seemed to work okay and it’s, nice to get an indication of your resting heart rate, usually a good indicator.

Your current fitness level there’s; no capability to measure ECG like on the Apple watch. The good news is that if you’re not too concerned with heart rate, the GPS track was pretty close to the Garmin and Apple watch.

Gps does take a little time to get the lock. You can still start the activity and the watch will vibrate when it locks onto the satellites, usually within a minute, and since GPS is built into the watch, you can leave your phone behind and step tracking.

Now pretty mature technology appeared in line with both an Apple watch and a smartphone as a smart walk to the amaze hit GTS does a good job. A first glance is very difficult to tell, apart from an Apple watch costing far more and when the display lights up, it’s hard, not to be wowed, and there’s.

A huge range of watch faces which are easy to configure to your tastes. If you’re, mainly using the watch as a smart watch and four step tracking, I think you’d, be more than happy with it. Glancing down at your wrist to see a notification or who’s, calling you it’s very handy, as is quickly seeing what the weather is doing or controlling your music with your phone still in your pocket.

If you’re buying it as a GPS watch for running or cycling, it works fine for tracking GPS, but heart rate monitoring, wasn’t reliable for me at least, and I really hope they sort out easily syncing to strauber or other Ways to export your activities, which brings me to the price you’re, mainly after a good-looking SmartWatch with excellent battery life.

The price tag is competitive, especially when you consider the display, if you’re after watch for tracking your workouts with some SmartWatch functionality. There are similar priced options from Garmin and others.

It would most likely be a better option, for example the Garmin 435, albeit with a non touch monochrome LCD screen. But I’d, be interested to hear what you think. Would you pay the extra over the bit for the amur LED screen you care about heart rate tracking? Let me know down below and as always, if you have any questions, please ask I read every comment and I & # 39.

Ll do my best to respond. I do hope you found this video useful, please, like the video, if you did, I’m, releasing videos every week on the latest technology and how to get the most down to it. So please make sure you subscribe.

It helps more than you think, and don’t forget to tap the bell icon if you want to get notified as soon as a new video gets uploaded thanks for watching.

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Best Smartwatch for Kids 2020 | Top 5

Best SmartWatch for kids review. My name is Edward and I am shy to speak in the mic, so I use this awesome robotic voice to make unbiased product reviews to save you from the trouble of researching tons of articles and videos on internet.

I have done complete research to come up with this list of top 5 best SmartWatch for kids. Let’s dive in what smartwatches will satisfy both the parent and the child. When choosing a watch, you need to consider the different features.

For example, does it have GPS tracking? What is design like? Is it important to have games? Do you want to track? How active your child s? Are you wanting to buy one for a teenager? Children in the 21st century are now very used to having technology around them and are more than able to use such gadgets for each product.

We will discuss all the relevant features that will make it easy to make the best decision one tik-tok, three best kids SmartWatch for calls and GPS key features. Two-Way video calling messaging and phone calls ip67 waterproof, triple positioning system for greater location accuracy, long battery life ability to connect to Wi-Fi set up to sixty reminders for child ability to change the wristbands pros.

Accurate location, determination, large display, comfortable wristband cons, no games to check latest price on Amazon click; the link in description below to VTech Kidizoom DX to top kids SmartWatch for gaming key features; a huge number of games; 2 cameras, micro, USB cable for uploading photos and videos.

2, PC ability to download more games, pedometer 256 megabytes memory pros a lot of games for kids, 2 cameras with different effects, cool design, support, various games, cons, no GPS, 3d UIW oim budget SmartWatch for kids with GPS key features; ip67 waterproof triple positioning GPS, Wi-Fi lbs.

There is a fitness tracker, SOS button 24 hour time format, water proof pros accurate location, determination, waterproof ability to make calls cons only 24 hour time format for owl Kohl, modern SmartWatch, with lots of features, key features, double position, determination, SOS button with three contacts photo camera Pedometer blocking unknown numbers pros big screen ability to call restricted zone, feature cons, large weight, 5 Garmin, best activity, tracker for your child; key features, themes, tracker design, Marvel Disney, Star Wars and others, parent application ability to compete with other children in quests daily tasks.

Waterproof pros long battery life, beautiful design, a large number of functions cons screen is small. There is no GPS to check latest price on Amazon click. The link in description below subscribe, unbiased reviews lounge thanks for watching.

Top 5 Best Smartwatch For Kids 2020 – Top-rated Activity Trackers For Kids

Are you looking for the best phone watches for kids in your budget? Well, in today’s, video we break down the top five best phone watches for kids that are available on the market. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and I try to list them based on their price quality, durability and more to see the more information about these products.

You can check out the description below also make sure you subscribe for more videos. Okay, so let’s get started with the video [ Music ], starting at number five. We have the tick-tock three unlocked 4G LTE universal kids, SmartWatch phone, the synthetic band velcro of the tic-tock SmartWatch phone might not be the best for children with sensitive skin.

However, you can swap it with a comfortable, rubber or leather one without lowering the value of the phone in any way, all other properties, which include Wi-Fi calling GPS, tracking and voice and video calling are novel in its two-way talk mode.

You can talk to your child to be a phone or videos 800 by 480 dpi. Moreover, because the watch is compatible with most 4G LTE SIM cards, it is suitable for sending messages to like the Jace baby. Kid SmartWatch tick-tock is an ip67 rated waterproof watch.

Thus, if you have a kid who likes playing outdoor, it is an ideal gift for an upcoming birthday or celebration. Rain dust and other environmental elements do not compromise its structure. And/Or functionality over time, your boy or girl, will love wearing the watch.

Tik-Tok is a waterproof watch with a wealth of features that make it an ideal kid SmartWatch 4G reception is clear. You also get an accurate GPS tracker and voice and video calling capabilities. Moving on at number four, we have the Cara, Forna kids game, SmartWatch phone, the California, as an extraordinary kids watch that doubles as a phone it’s.

Unisex design is suitable for both girls and boys. It also has a durable, versatile design with seven inbuilt games that entertain children. Even though the watch’s display is not as large as that of standard phones.

It has a clear touchscreen interface. It also has responsive touch, controls and a side mounted USB port for loading, music or pictures. You get one gigabyte, microSD storage for digital files, the California has a sweat proof.

Rubber band that does not irritate kids. The band is adjustable to fit most kids and has a heavy-duty dual-pronged clasp metal that withstands day-to-day abuse well, thus exposed to water or sweat. You will never worry about parts rusting or its system short-circuiting.

Finally, you get a phone book for up to 10 contacts. A camera, a music player, a call recorder and a photo album Californa as a premium kids watch with entertaining puzzle, games a camera, music player and microSD storage.

It is comfortable and fitted with a large LCD screen with convenient touch controls at number 3. We have the the Momo kids SmartWatch phone. Do you have a three to 14 year old kid with an upcoming birthday? If you are considering buying a phone watch as a gift, this blue and cyan themed, the moma one is stylish and reliable, even though it lacks GPS.

The seven games on offer have made it a preferred choice for children. It also has a music system and a versatile design that supports 2g and GSM networks. However, you will source the services separately from a provider of your choice.

Finally, with this watch you child can respond to emergencies and or send distress. Sos calls to one of the two numbers in seconds SOS is easy to set up and activates in less than 5 seconds, always with the the Momo kids phone watch.

The safety of your kids will be the least of your concerns, even though it lacks GPS. You can call him or her at any time. It also has an SOS call feature for emergencies. At number 2, we have the ELLs flare GPS, children’s; watch’s; phone ELLs flare as a famous GPS watch among kids aged 4 to 15 years.

Thus, if your boy or girl has an upcoming birthday, it makes an excellent gift for several reasons. Its ergonomic design, for instance, has non-irritant straps plastic and a lightweight phase that fits comfortably on the wrists of kids.

All parts are BPA, free and therefore, kids, safe eles Flair has a feature-rich design that is beneficial to kids and parents in waise. If you have a hard time tracking the movements of your child, for instance, it is a perfect remedy.

Each model has an inbuilt GPS. Adapter that relays real-time GPS positions of its wearers to a smartphone app. Thus, once connected to the net, you can know whether your child is at school or hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Ells flare as a GPS, enabled SmartWatch with comfortable bands plastic and an SOS alarm for safety. Its HD touchscreen is large and clear. It also has touch controls, a camera and fun games for four to 15 year old, kids and finally, at number one.

We have the VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch dx2, the pink theme of the VTech Kidizoom phone watch appeals to girls. However, it is also a beneficial product to brave boys due to its versatility and quality of construction, using one of its two cameras.

For instance, kids can take pictures, videos and selfies at home. And/Or outdoors, its customizable clockface analog and digital is easy to read. While it’s, light and comfortable design as ideal for four to twelve year olds, your child can wear it to school.

Without issues, the Kidizoom from VTech is a comfortable watch phone with a camera. Dual pedometer and large HD display that kids love its splash and sweat resistant design lasts for long. You can also control how your child uses this device via the parental control setting on offer.

Thank you for watching guys. I hope you liked the video if this video was helpful to you, please remember to leave a like and subscribe my channel to see more videos like this. If you have any questions related to these products, you can leave a comment down below and I’ll, get back to you as soon as I can.


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✅ Kids Smartwatch: Best Smartwatch for Kids 2020 (Buyer Guide)

Wearables are popular accessories nowadays, if you’re planning to buy one for your kid and looking for recommendations, then you’re in the right place. We’re, also very much interested in wearables because of their cool features and benefits, especially for the little ones who enjoy playing and learning new things.

We rounded up the hottest and top rated smart watches for kids and came up with our list of the five best wearables. So please join us as we present them one by one, with emphasis on their usefulness, advantages and features.

So are you ready? Let’s begin [, Music, ] well known for making stylish fitness tracking devices and smart watches. Garmin is back with viva fit junior 2 featuring the star wars theme. Let the force be with your kid, and also with you.

This much sought collectible variation of the smart watch is kid modified to help parents and children keep tabs on the routine activities. If you have multiple kids, then adding their profiles and customizing their daily activities like sleep chores and steps and syncing it with your mobile device, are the best ways to monitor them.

This smartwatch has a built-in clock that helps you track their activities and schedule the alert tools to remind them of their everyday goals. With the help of the free mobile app, you can access its parental personal assistant feature.

It also allows you to invite them to friendly challenges and designate credits and virtual coins as rewards you can. Let them consider the coins as bounties, which they can redeem for toys or use credits to reveal more space battles.

Kids would also love the experience of app adventures featuring bb-8 and other star wars, characters which parents can schedule as their reward for a 60-minute daily activity every day. Let your child unfold new adventures with you as their co-pilot, while tackling the quests and activities of the mini games.

It features a tough, comfortable and adjustable band with a customizable color screen. This swim friendly activity tracker is rated up to 50 meters. So you don’t have to worry about when your kid doesn’t want to take it off during bath or pool time.

Its battery has a one year, plus life span as well, enjoying the second spot is the fitbit ace2 activity. Tracker when it comes to wearables fitbit is a trusted brand. The original ace and the ace2 are fitbit’s.

Official watches for kids, who are 6 years old and above ace 2, is a lightweight and stylish smart watch that is specifically crafted to encourage children to get moving while having fun. It features.

10, animated clock faces that can be customized. According to your child’s, preference, let them express their personality by customizing, the cover photo and using the avatars favorite characters and other cool features of the watch.

This water-resistant activity tracker is ideal for active kids who enjoy frolicking in the sea or swimming pool. It also allows your kids to challenge their friends for step, competitions and exchange, cheers and messages via the app keep your child on their feet by challenging them to do the motivating challenges and reward them with virtual avatars and badges.

Let them jump skip and play outdoor games to reach their daily goals. Another standout feature of this wearable is the high performance of its battery, which lasts up to 5 days without charging download the free app that will help you manage and keep track of their sleep steps, exercise and other fitness activities by syncing it to your ios and Android device you can set reminders and friendly nudges to your kid.

If everyone in the family has fitbits, then you can synchronize fitness group activities that spell fun. Do you like our first batch of wearables? If you have comments or questions feel free to write them down in the comment box, we’re, happy to read your views and we’ll.

Do our best to answer any questions you have. If you’re, not yet a member of our friendly community, then please subscribe to our channel don’t forget to tap the bell icon to get an instant notification when we upload a new product review.

Now let’s. Continue next on the list is the v-tech kitty, zoom smartwatch dx2. This wearable is both fun and educational, because its primary purpose is to allow kids to play interactive challenges while keeping them engaged and healthy.

There are pre-loaded puzzles and motion controlled games on this wearable popular games are the racing, run, funky, jump, crazy dance and the monster catcher game that brings augmented reality play experience.

You or your kid can download games from vtech’s. Learning lodge this smartwatch. Has a side, camera and a front camera that captures clear images and shoots: videos encourage them to use fun, photo effects, filters and frames to create great images.

Other useful features are the pedometer motion sensor photo video, uploader and parental control. The motion sensor can be used to track his steps during play challenges. The responsive touch screen, allows your child to play interactive games, snap selfies record videos and observe the time.

Let your kid explore time concepts with its proprietary calendar alarm and timer components. It comes with 55 customizable analog and digital watch faces it’s, recommended for children, four to nine years old for charging and uploading images and videos on the computer and downloading content.

A reliable, usb wire comes with the unit. A lithium-ion battery charger is also included if you’re. Looking for a unique and fun wearable for your kid leapfrog leap band is a perfect choice. It’s designed for children 4 to 7 years old and crafted after the all-time favorite tamagotchi yeah.

You heard right. Your child can adopt a virtual pet. They can choose whether they want a panda penguin dog monkey, cat, unicorn or dragon their pet grows and remains happy when your kid stays active and complete any of the 50 pre-loaded imaginative digital games and entertaining challenges, they can feed and power up their pets.

By finishing an exercise or activity, they also gain points and earn rewards that can unlock more pet play and surprises. This remarkable activity band also teaches kids core skills like telling time learning the importance of nutrition and hygiene and performing motor skills.

It has a parental control mode where you can limit their play time and manage other activities. You can set it in a quiet time mode or a school mode to keep their focus during learning or resting time.

During the day it’s, also equipped with a built-in accelerometer that senses motion effects. The water resistant design of this wearable is ideal for kids who like playing while swimming in the pool, and, lastly, you can set up leap van challenges like walk like a crab or jump like a frog to encourage your child to be more active and healthy.

One. More wearable to review and you can finally decide which, among our featured wearables, is the perfect smart watch for your kid. Please, don’t forget to click the subscribe button and also the bell icon for instant notifications of our newest videos.

Now, back to our review, our last item is the itouch play zoom. This smart accessory for your kid provides entertaining and educational activities that help to develop their skills and self-discipline while having fun with a cool gadget.

It’s, an interactive wearable that connects the child with pre-loaded active games and learning activities using the smartwatch technology, with 20 clock face options to choose from your kid can explore and express themselves by personalizing the settings of this smartwatch.

This snazzy smartwatch comes in different colors and patterns, so you can make them happy and healthy at all times by getting them one of these. It’s, equipped with a swivel camera photo effects. 3D wallpapers sound animations, timer calendar stopwatch and alarm teach them to map out their daily schedule and activities which includes play nap, sleep reading, doing homework or brushing their teeth.

It’ll, encourage them to use time wisely and become more responsible. It’s, made of premium silicone and plastic materials that guarantee durability and comfortability. The package includes one unit and one lithium ion battery charger.

What’s more? Is that it doesn’t need wi-fi or bluetooth to start working. It can be used anytime and anywhere keeping your kid occupied and active. It features a vibrant, high resolution, lcd screen that helps to stimulate their curiosity and interest to use as a gaming or a learning device.

So that ends our review so that wraps up our review. We hope that you find it helpful in your search for a suitable wearable for your child. If you’re ready to buy any of them now, then please click the link that will take you to the product and enjoy great deals which include discounts and free delivery service.

Do you have any products that you want to be reviewed? Well, leave them in the comment box and we’ll. Give it our utmost attention to grant your request. Don’t forget to tap the bell icon to be notified whenever we have a fresh product review and click the subscribe button to join our growing community.

Thanks for joining us on our five best wearables for kids review, see you in the next video

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