Wearables are popular accessories nowadays, if you’re planning to buy one for your kid and looking for recommendations, then you’re in the right place. We’re, also very much interested in wearables because of their cool features and benefits, especially for the little ones who enjoy playing and learning new things.

We rounded up the hottest and top rated smart watches for kids and came up with our list of the five best wearables. So please join us as we present them one by one, with emphasis on their usefulness, advantages and features.

So are you ready? Let’s begin [, Music, ] well known for making stylish fitness tracking devices and smart watches. Garmin is back with viva fit junior 2 featuring the star wars theme. Let the force be with your kid, and also with you.

This much sought collectible variation of the smart watch is kid modified to help parents and children keep tabs on the routine activities. If you have multiple kids, then adding their profiles and customizing their daily activities like sleep chores and steps and syncing it with your mobile device, are the best ways to monitor them.

This smartwatch has a built-in clock that helps you track their activities and schedule the alert tools to remind them of their everyday goals. With the help of the free mobile app, you can access its parental personal assistant feature.

It also allows you to invite them to friendly challenges and designate credits and virtual coins as rewards you can. Let them consider the coins as bounties, which they can redeem for toys or use credits to reveal more space battles.

Kids would also love the experience of app adventures featuring bb-8 and other star wars, characters which parents can schedule as their reward for a 60-minute daily activity every day. Let your child unfold new adventures with you as their co-pilot, while tackling the quests and activities of the mini games.

It features a tough, comfortable and adjustable band with a customizable color screen. This swim friendly activity tracker is rated up to 50 meters. So you don’t have to worry about when your kid doesn’t want to take it off during bath or pool time.

Its battery has a one year, plus life span as well, enjoying the second spot is the fitbit ace2 activity. Tracker when it comes to wearables fitbit is a trusted brand. The original ace and the ace2 are fitbit’s.

Official watches for kids, who are 6 years old and above ace 2, is a lightweight and stylish smart watch that is specifically crafted to encourage children to get moving while having fun. It features.

10, animated clock faces that can be customized. According to your child’s, preference, let them express their personality by customizing, the cover photo and using the avatars favorite characters and other cool features of the watch.

This water-resistant activity tracker is ideal for active kids who enjoy frolicking in the sea or swimming pool. It also allows your kids to challenge their friends for step, competitions and exchange, cheers and messages via the app keep your child on their feet by challenging them to do the motivating challenges and reward them with virtual avatars and badges.

Let them jump skip and play outdoor games to reach their daily goals. Another standout feature of this wearable is the high performance of its battery, which lasts up to 5 days without charging download the free app that will help you manage and keep track of their sleep steps, exercise and other fitness activities by syncing it to your ios and Android device you can set reminders and friendly nudges to your kid.

If everyone in the family has fitbits, then you can synchronize fitness group activities that spell fun. Do you like our first batch of wearables? If you have comments or questions feel free to write them down in the comment box, we’re, happy to read your views and we’ll.

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Now let’s. Continue next on the list is the v-tech kitty, zoom smartwatch dx2. This wearable is both fun and educational, because its primary purpose is to allow kids to play interactive challenges while keeping them engaged and healthy.

There are pre-loaded puzzles and motion controlled games on this wearable popular games are the racing, run, funky, jump, crazy dance and the monster catcher game that brings augmented reality play experience.

You or your kid can download games from vtech’s. Learning lodge this smartwatch. Has a side, camera and a front camera that captures clear images and shoots: videos encourage them to use fun, photo effects, filters and frames to create great images.

Other useful features are the pedometer motion sensor photo video, uploader and parental control. The motion sensor can be used to track his steps during play challenges. The responsive touch screen, allows your child to play interactive games, snap selfies record videos and observe the time.

Let your kid explore time concepts with its proprietary calendar alarm and timer components. It comes with 55 customizable analog and digital watch faces it’s, recommended for children, four to nine years old for charging and uploading images and videos on the computer and downloading content.

A reliable, usb wire comes with the unit. A lithium-ion battery charger is also included if you’re. Looking for a unique and fun wearable for your kid leapfrog leap band is a perfect choice. It’s designed for children 4 to 7 years old and crafted after the all-time favorite tamagotchi yeah.

You heard right. Your child can adopt a virtual pet. They can choose whether they want a panda penguin dog monkey, cat, unicorn or dragon their pet grows and remains happy when your kid stays active and complete any of the 50 pre-loaded imaginative digital games and entertaining challenges, they can feed and power up their pets.

By finishing an exercise or activity, they also gain points and earn rewards that can unlock more pet play and surprises. This remarkable activity band also teaches kids core skills like telling time learning the importance of nutrition and hygiene and performing motor skills.

It has a parental control mode where you can limit their play time and manage other activities. You can set it in a quiet time mode or a school mode to keep their focus during learning or resting time.

During the day it’s, also equipped with a built-in accelerometer that senses motion effects. The water resistant design of this wearable is ideal for kids who like playing while swimming in the pool, and, lastly, you can set up leap van challenges like walk like a crab or jump like a frog to encourage your child to be more active and healthy.

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Now, back to our review, our last item is the itouch play zoom. This smart accessory for your kid provides entertaining and educational activities that help to develop their skills and self-discipline while having fun with a cool gadget.

It’s, an interactive wearable that connects the child with pre-loaded active games and learning activities using the smartwatch technology, with 20 clock face options to choose from your kid can explore and express themselves by personalizing the settings of this smartwatch.

This snazzy smartwatch comes in different colors and patterns, so you can make them happy and healthy at all times by getting them one of these. It’s, equipped with a swivel camera photo effects. 3D wallpapers sound animations, timer calendar stopwatch and alarm teach them to map out their daily schedule and activities which includes play nap, sleep reading, doing homework or brushing their teeth.

It’ll, encourage them to use time wisely and become more responsible. It’s, made of premium silicone and plastic materials that guarantee durability and comfortability. The package includes one unit and one lithium ion battery charger.

What’s more? Is that it doesn’t need wi-fi or bluetooth to start working. It can be used anytime and anywhere keeping your kid occupied and active. It features a vibrant, high resolution, lcd screen that helps to stimulate their curiosity and interest to use as a gaming or a learning device.

So that ends our review so that wraps up our review. We hope that you find it helpful in your search for a suitable wearable for your child. If you’re ready to buy any of them now, then please click the link that will take you to the product and enjoy great deals which include discounts and free delivery service.

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Thanks for joining us on our five best wearables for kids review, see you in the next video

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